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Solar Heating Solutions

Solar thermal hot water is an environmentally friendly and cheaper way (long term) of heating hot water. Using the suns energy, solar panels heat water stored in a cylinder. Solar panels are normally positioned pointing to the south either on your roof or on the ground. Being situated in the south west puts you in the ideal position to utilise this seeing as the sun shines more in this part of the country. Our Plymouth Solar panel experts can advise you on the long term savings of solar panels.

Will Solar Thermal work for me?

For solar panels to be installed on your property you will require 5m squared of space to house two hot water solar panels, This will generate around 50% of the energy required for hot water in a typical family. Depending on the size of your roof or garden you can have enough solar panels (collectors) to cover all of your hot water requirements

Choosing the right system for you

Regarding the types of collectors that you have on your property we have two options for you:

  • A flat plate collector is often said to look the best on a domestic property and is the standard shape you will see on roof tops generally. They are generally the most robust option available.
  • • Evacuated tube collectors have a vacuum between the liquid core and a glass cover. This helps to prevent the cool air around the collector from reducing its heat. It also means it can collect energy on cloudy days. A bonus in the UK I think you would agree!!

  • On-Roof Mounted – Installed directly onto the roof with some space between the collectors and the tiles/slate etc
  • IIn-Roof Mounted (Roof-Integrated) – The collectors are installed inside the roof giving a flush finish.
  • Ground Mounted – A good option if you don’t have the roof space. Collectors are housed in a special frame for protection.

years of experience

At MSH we have 35 years of combined experience allowing us to best serve our customers.