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24th July 2015
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29th July 2015

Benefits of Using Solar Panels in Plymouth for hot water

solar panels in plymouth

MSH Plumbing and heating provide installation of solar Panels in Plymouth and the surrounding areas. See below for the benefits of a solar hot water system.


We as humans are constantly trying to find a more eco-friendly alternative to energy whether it be to help save the earth or purely to save money long term on our monthly bills. There are many benefits to using solar hot water, see below.


 5 benefits of using a solar hot water system:


  1. Reduction in Carbon dioxide – More and more people are deciding to “go green” and having solar hot water in Plymouth is a great way to help the environment. Solar panels dramatically reduce greenhouse gasses compared to electrical water heaters.
  2. Lower monthly bills – Obviously installing solar panels in Plymouth comes at a cost. But after the initial instalment has been payed off you will benefit from a lifetime of cheaper bills. Given that if you are reading this you probably live in Plymouth you will also benefit from having more sunshine in the South West of England. If you have a large property you will also benefit further by recovering the initial cost more quickly.
  3. Minimal Maintenance – Solar panels are very low maintenance and will need less than a regular electrical heating system. Most solar systems will also come with a warranty.
  4. Longer Life Time – The average solar water heater will last for 20 years, this is a lot longer than a conventional heating system.
  5. Property value – Homes with Solar heating will benefit from a higher property value meaning if you sell your house you get your money back.


MSH Plumbing and heating provides the instillation of Solar panels in Plymouth and the surrounding areas. For more details about this service please contact us using the contact options above.