Wright Clean Van Equipment

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24th May 2015
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9th June 2015

Wright Clean Van Equipment

We received a call from Richard Smith from Wright Clean asking weather we could help out plumbing his new cleaning equipment into one of his cleaning vans. At MSH we are always looking to support local business as well as take on new and unique work so we let Richard know we would be happy to help.

Matt then had a meeting with Richard to get more information on exactly what Richard wanted and then arranged a date that suited Richard on a day when the van was free to carry out the work.

From the initial meeting with Richard the projects goals were discussed as follows:

1. Extend the supply pipe for the carpet cleaning machine.

2. Add a drainage solution for the connected tanks.

We Successfully accomplished both project goals, first by extending the supply pipe so it is now able to be accessed easily from the front of the machine and secondly by adding drainage under the tanks allowing the tanks to be drained easily without effort.