Saltash Rugby Club – Heating system replacement

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19th August 2015
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10th September 2015

Saltash Rugby Club – Heating system replacement

Saltash Rugby Club had been having a plumber complete remedial works on their hot water heating systems that feed their clubhouse and showers. while completing the works the plumber unfortunately condemned the clubs existing Andrews water heaters / boilers leaving the Club as well as the Tamar Trotters running club that share their facilities without any hot water for their showers, just as the new season was only two weeks away.

The plumber that was carrying out the works offered a quote for a replacement system, but the club rejected this as it was seen as very high and uncompetitive. As our Director Matthew Hugh is a member of the Tamar Trotters running club MSH Plumbing and Heating were asked to offer a competing quote.

We were well aware of the need to complete this job as quickly as possible and as such turned our quote around within 24 hours of receiving notice. Our quote was very well received and upon acceptance work started immediately.

First we ordered in all required materials and appliances which arrived in three days from the suppliers and once we received the delivery we started installing straight away.

We replaced the old Andrews water heaters with 2 new 400 litre unventilated cylinders and 2 Ideal Vogue Systems boilers, easily able to supply both clubs with all the hot water they could use.

Upon completion the client was very happy with the service as well as the fast turn around, achieved well before the start of the season putting their minds at rest.
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