Saltash bathroom refurbishment

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9th June 2015
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10th September 2015

Saltash bathroom refurbishment

This lead came from CDW properties in Saltash, a company with which we have had a working relationship for over 12 years. One of their clients had asked them to suggest a suitable plumber to them as they were looking at installing a new bathroom suit to update their existing one.

We made initial contact with the client and arranged for a consultation session. In the initial consultation session we walked through each step of the clients vision for the new bathroom and discussed each area providing guidance and suggestions where needed.

During this consultation we were able to highlight a potential problem with the clients vision, the problem being where they had planned to put the basin in relation to the toilet left a very small amount of room between the two, making both harder to use.

We suggested that instead of having the toilet and basin next to each other as they had initially planned, it would be a better option to have the basin in a different position allowing for more effective use of space and allowing both the basin and the toilet a lot more space, which the client was very happy with.

Once the client consultation had been completed we were able to pass across our quote for work. In this instance the client had already purchased all the materials and fittings needed so as soon as the design had been finalised and the client was happy with our quote, we started work.

we continually supported the client over a three week period while ongoing building and tiling works were being carried out and completed the job in the scheduled three week period according to their plan.
Work Starting
Finished Work