How to sort out small plumbing issues without calling out a Plymouth Plumber

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8th July 2015
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How to sort out small plumbing issues without calling out a Plymouth Plumber

Here at MSH plumbing and heating we want your business but there might be some smaller jobs that won’t require hiring out a Plymouth Plumber.  After all it makes sense to save a little money if you can deal with it yourself. If you do find it too hard a job ensure you give us a call to help you out. We don’t want you to make things worse costing more money in the long run. Below are some good examples of small jobs you can tackle yourself.

Bathroom and Kitchen Sink repair

Although we would never advice you to fit a sink or bathroom, some of the smaller tasks like replacing the parts that wear after time is a good way to save a little money on plumbing costs.


Fixing a leak under your sink

There is also lots of room under most sinks to access the pipes and find any issues. If you find you have a leaking pipe under a sink have a look at the washers, springs or “o” rings as they can often cause leaks if they have started to wear. If you don’t know what they are or are inexperienced find what is leaking and take a picture on your phone. Try and include the brand name of the part and a picture to a local DIY store like B&Q. You should be able to find a replacement part and it won’t be too expensive. Before doing any DIY on a sink turn the water valves to an off position before removing any fixtures for obvious reasons.



Blocked Sink

Another common problem occurring under the kitchen sink is a blocked pipe. If you notice a blockage when trying to drain away water you will probably find that the pipe under the sink that looks like an elbow is blocked. This elbow is designed to catch any debris that falls down the sink but after a while it can easily block up and need clearing.

Your first port of call will be to try chemical drain cleaners to remove the blockage. If that doesn’t work its worth removing the elbow to ensure its free from any blockage, remember to turn off the valve and use a pan or bucket to stop any excess water spillage.



Other household Plymouth plumbing problems

If you are having problems with a running toilet or the handle has to be jiggled around to flush you will probably find you need to replace the flapper valve system. You don’t need any tools for this in most cases and the replacement parts cost less than £20. Open the tank and have a look inside, it might be obvious what is wrong if it needs replacing take a picture if you’re not sure and go and find a replacement in the local DIY store. They can come in different varieties so make sure you find the right one.


Blocked Toilet using an Auger

The first thing to try on a blocked toilet is the plunger. If this doesn’t work after about 10 attempts you will need an auger witch will follow the bend in the toilet and hopefully unblock it. Have a look at the video below to learn how to use an auger.



Being able to fix small problems like these can be fun and very rewarding. They will also save you on calling out a Plymouth plumber. Remember though if you are not sure don’t try and guess! Call MSH Plumbing and heating and we will come and have a look.