Central Heating Plymouth

Central Heating Plymouth

Looking for a central heating provider in Plymouth or nearby areas? MSH Plumbing & Heating is waiting by the phone to learn your needs and offer the best solution! Our services range from commercial and domestic customers to full replacements, repairs, and maintenance. Our team of fully trained engineers can help advise on the best solution for you, NOT the best price for us! Our customers come first.


Quick Fact: The difference between a combi boiler and conventional boiler

Although both combi and conventional boilers provide central heating systems, there are some major differences. Combi boilers can be advantageous in homes or offices because they do not need a hot water tank and therefore free up space. On the other hand, if you have the space for a cylinder-shaped hot water tank than you will benefit from the energy saving of direct hot water and the ability to store hot water for bath times, etc.

Even new boilers require repair and maintenance. For example, miniscule leeks in a non-serviced boiler can cause the pressure to drop. A qualified team like MSH’s Plymouth team can repair issues quickly.


Quick Fact: Gas versus oil and electrical central heating system

Most of our customers choose gas central heating systems because it saves a lot of money compared to electricity and oil systems. Savings will only increase as gas boilers are becoming more technologically advances. However, choosing gas means our customers will be connected to the gas grid, which is an expensive and lengthy process. If your gas boiler isn’t regularly services than this can become a very expensive process, too. Here at MSH we understand how difficult it can be to decide your heating system, so we are happy to provide advice on the most cost effective solution to meet your needs. Give us a call today!


Quick Fact: Electric central heating

Want to keep your house or office off the gas grid? Choose electric! It may be more expensive on a monthly basis but you will not incur the up-front cost of getting connected to the grid. Electric systems also require some planning: they aren’t immediately responsive, so you’ll have to schedule them to pre-heat your morning. We’re happy to explain how best to maintain your system and compare costs.

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Central Heating Plymouth