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What we Do

Providing Plumbing Services in Barnstaple

Once you’ve been repairing plumbing and heating properties in Barnstaple for as long as ten years, you’ll develop a reputation. However, MSH Plumbing & Heating has a much-respected reputation in the area. Clients speak highly of our ability to provide the best possible solutions that hit our client’s budgets and timelines. We take the time to get to know our clients by requesting they call us to tell us about their project. Our number is +01752767605.

Residential and Commercial Plumbing

Our plumbing and heating team in Barnstaple understands the unique differences between commercial and residential properties. It’s rare to find handymen able to conduct the variety and plumbing and heating tasks necessary at both types of properties. These tasks include boiler replacements, annual servicing, minor repairs, kitchen installations, bathroom installations, defusing links, clearing blockages, fixing burst pipes, building new fittings, and minor corrections. Our team of engineers is capable from commuting from other parts of Devon, we’re guaranteed to arrive on-time!

24 Hour Emergency Plumbing

SOS! Have a problem that can’t wait? MSH Plumbing & Heating can help! In fact, we offer a 12-month guarantee on all of our projects, so you’ll never have to worry about a botched job. Not only are we there to help with sudden, unexpected problems, but we offer an overall peace-of-mind that our customers deserve.

Why choose MSH Plumbing and Heating?

We know that there are many plumbing and heating professionals in the Barnstaple area. That’s why we work hard to prove our worth to you. We will get to your property as soon as possible, saving you as much time as we promise to save on money. After getting to know your unique needs, we will offer you the best quote we can. We’re so confidant in the value of our quotes that we actually offer them at no obligation to you. As you can tell by our 9.8/10 rating on, most customers choose MSH.

Some of Our Services

Boiler Repair/ Replacement

Nothing is worse than a broken boiler in the middle of Barnstaple’s cold winter! MSH is happy to send an emergency plumber to your home or office at a time convenient for you.

Plumbing for your Bathroom

We may be handymen, but we’ve got an eye for design! MSH is skilled at catering to different budgets and specifications to design and install your perfect loo.


Have a boiler? A radiator? An old home? A new terrace? MSH is capable of repairing any type of central heating system, from boilers to radiators (and everything in-between).


Struggling with those ghostly energy bills? At MSH we know there are options for adjusting and fixing your boilers that will help you save money on monthly bills. At MSH Plumbing & Heating we focus on getting to know our customer, providing honest service and best possible solutions. For more information about our plumbers Barnstaple please contact us.

Emergency Plumber

For any emergencies involving boilers, gas or leaks that need sorting asap, please contact us to ensure an emergency plumber can visit your property

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We pride ourselves on our ability to design and install new Bathrooms cattering for all size budgets and specifications


MSH Plumbing can install, replace or repair all your central heating systems from boilers, radiators and everything in between.


If saving as much energy as possible is a priority to you, there are boiler options you can consider to save money on monthly bills

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At MSH Plumbing & Heating we pride ourselves on honest open service, helping you receive the best option possible for your situation.

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